How Do You Scare Michigan Possums Away?

Detroit opossums may appear to be a docile creature, but it can quickly decimate the plants in your garden. This omnivore can eat almost anything such as bird, snail, vegetables, and fruits. It is a harmless animal that is about the size of the cat. In case it is frightened, it will immediately escape rather than to confront the danger. It also has an excellent ability in mimicking a dead animal when avoiding threats.

Effective Ways to Scare the Detroit Possums
These hazing and scare tactics are relatively harmless but will be effective in getting rid of the possum that have visited your yard. Hopefully. this will give you enough time to find a solution that will prevent the animals from returning to your house.

Motion Activated Repellents
In order to keep the possums away from your property, you might want to use a motion activated repellents. This can give them the element of surprise. You should try to set-up a sprinkler that comes with a sensor. Once the opossum enters the range of the sprinkler and it detected the movement of the creature, it will send a blast of water that will startle the animal. Apart from that, it also keeps the plant in your garden properly hydrated. Motion-activated light is also a good option. The opossums are known as nocturnal creatures which prefers to move in the dark. the light will give them a sense of discomfort.

Using Deterrents
You can use chili as a homemade repellent. Try to sprinkle this in your plants that will deter them. You may combine the chili powder into the birdseeds if you have birdfeeders in your yard. This will not affect the birds since they have a few taste buds that makes them resistant to spicy taste. However, spicy foods will be disgusting for the possums. Some people will use ammonia, but we do not recommend them since it is associated with various health risks.

Predator Urine and Hair
Another recommended approach that has been proven to scare the opossum away is by using the hair and the urine of the predator. Look for the place where the opossums will usually visit. You can scatter hair, urine, and litters of cat and dogs. You should avoid letting the dogs and cats to handle your infestation. While the possums are not aggressive, they can still attack if they feel threatened. The sharp claws and teeth of the opossum can inflict injury on your pets.

Loud Sounds
Opossums can be scared by the loud sounds. However, this may also startle your neighbors. A better way to take advantage of the sound is to use a radio. Place the radio close to the area where you often see the possum. Turn the radio to the talk station that will give them the notion that there are humans talking. This can encourage them to relocate their nest.

Understand that none of the scare tactics we mentioned above will give you a lasting solution. Possums will still prefer to return to our property especially if it will provide them with comfort and food.

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