Michigan Rat Infestation in House

Detroit rats are often blamed for the transmission of different diseases. Their action can be destructive. They will basically chew on almost anything to build their nest. When they chew on the foundation of our house, the structure may weaken. Rats are very cautious creature. You will not notice them when their population is low. This makes it difficult to determine the level of rat infestation.

Common Signs of Detroit Rat Infestation
Perhaps the most common sign of the rat infestation is the presence of the living rat. When there is enough space, the rats will prefer to hide. This means that if ever you encounter a rat especially during daytime, you can be facing a full-blown infestation. When there is a limited space, the rat will be forced to reveal itself. The droppings of the rats can also be a prevalent sign of infestation.

Rub Marks
Rats do not have exceptional eyesight. This is the reason why their movement pattern remains the same. After they take the same route for consecutive days, there is a tendency that they will leave some marks such as their furs and grease. These common signs can be apparent on the dusty and muddy sections of our property. The smears on our walls developed due to its constant contact with the oil found in the fur of the rat.

Hissing and Scratching Noises
Rats can create different noises such as hissing, squeaking, and chattering. The unique chattering sound will be produced when rats are grinding their teeth. This chattering sound can be an obvious sign of stress. Chattering sound that they produced is also called bruxing. On the off chance that the rat is feeling pain or fear, they will create a hissing or a squeaking sound. In case you think that you have a rat infestation, listen closely to the unique sound that they produce.

Rat Holes
With the sharp teeth of the rats, they are capable of chewing any kind of materials. This will not only help them gain an access to our property, it can also enable them to build their nest on the hard-to-reach areas of our house. Rat holes are not just unsightly; they can also be a source of danger. For instance, the holes that they create can be used by other wildlife creatures as an access point. The holes that they create can also lead to our electrical wires. Once they gnaw the wires the live wires will be exposed. This can be a possible cause of fire.

The poop of the rats is around 12mm in length. One rat can produce at least 40 pellets of rat droppings. The appearance of their droppings will usually be concentrated on a particular area of our house. Size of the poop will also depend upon the size of your unwanted guest. It can also help you determine how severe the situation is. Fresh droppings can be a sign of ongoing infestation.

Once you notice signs of rat infestation in your area, you need to find ways to get rid of them since they can be harmful to your health. You need to act fast to control the rat infestation.

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