Will Michigan Raccoon Climb Fence

While Detroit raccoons will not have an amazing jumping skill, they are adept climbers. They can easily access the upper section of our house by climbing walls if they can get a grip using their sharp claws. Therefore, your regular type of fence will not deter them from invading your property. If you live close to the wild or a park, there is a high probability that a raccoon will visit you. They will be highly persistent when gathering their food and your barrier will not be able to stop them.

The Amazing Climbing Skill of Raccoon
The Detroit raccoons are known to be very agile. They can also hop but will not be able to cover great distance. Their jumping ability falls behind the feline creatures. However, they will compensate this with their climbing skills using their strong arms and sharp claws. They can easily scale any vertical surface. Raccoon is a Powhatan term which literally translates to ‘animal scratching using its hands’. They have a very good grip which contributes to their amazing climbing skill.

Raccoons Can Climb Your Chimney and Attic
Apart from your fences, the raccoon can also climb your attic and your chimney. Some people have been amazed by the ability of this animal to scale almost any type of vertical surface. Some of the features that helps the raccoon climb trees and walls include the shape of the limbs. Their hind legs will be considerably longer compared to their front limbs. This will make them appear like hunched while they are climbing or running. Their paws are also armed with 5 toes that give them an excellent grip on surfaces. The claws on their hand allows them to latch on smooths surfaces. They are nimble and can get a hold of any crevices or ledges on the wall. The hand of the raccoon has a striking resemblance to the monkey. The opposable thumb and long claws enable them to have a secured grasp on any structure that they want to climb.

Why Raccoons Climb Fences and Walls
The raccoons are opportunistic feeders. They will be very persistent when looking for their food. In case you notice a raccoon climbing your fence, this simply means that something in your yard has attracted their attention. This can be a possible food source. Clearing the fallen fruits and securing your trash will make your property less-inviting. Once they find your property too comfortable, they will choose to establish their den in your house. They prefer to den in the warm and dark areas of our home such as the attic and the chimney. In order to access these areas, they will need to scale our walls.

Once the raccoon established its habitat in your property, they are bound to create a mess. By eliminating the things that may draw their attention, you can avoid the damages they can cause. If you are afraid that your regular fence will not keep them at bay, try to invest on an electric fence that will give them a mild shock.

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